We do not do complicated cross- pollinations, but remain close to the core of our profession: accountancy.


We are driven by a social focus and the desire to carry out the role of an accountant the way it was originally intended – back to the basics. Therefore earning money and the system are no longer a priority, and the client and the social responsibility of the accountant come first. To get the maximum out of our work for our clients, at Share Impact Accountants we only work with experienced people who have earned recognition in the profession. Our clients will get their money’s worth: experience, high quality, social involvement and honest advice.

We are experienced accountants providing high-quality services. We offer assurance-only, avoiding complicated cross-pollinations. This is what we do:

Monitoring and reviewing of financial statements

Management letters and improvement of closing processes

Review of the administrative organization

Sustainability assurance

Special statements and studies

Preparation of the annual account